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Our farm store is stocked with a great selection of different cuts of all natural meats:  beef, pork, and chicken.  In addition, we also stock some specialty meat products:  buffalo, venison, lamb & elk.  We stock prepared foods made with all natural meats – just heat and serve .  Try our chicken and beef pot pies, shepard’s pie, soups & chili.  We have a great selection of specialty sausages, kielbasa and other goodies.  We carry jams and jelly, local honey, organic coffee, raviolis and pasta, imported oils and balsamic, and coming soon empanadas.   Check us out!

We have bones in stock to make great broth.  The best beef bones to use are marrow, joint, feet & knuckles.  Toss in some meaty bones such as shank, oxtail & short ribs.  You can add cartilage-rich pig’s foot without affecting flavor.  We do stock pigs feet and hocks.  The bones needs to be cartilage rich, because it’s the collagen in the cartilage that “melts” into gelatin when cooked to get results.  The easiest way to add more gelatin to your broth is to use feet.  Chicken feet, necks and backs are now available.

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Our Sampler and Combo Shares begin in March.   If you miss March sign up, you can join later – we will adjust the price accordingly.  

We have outlined below a few options to purchase Mini Mac Meats.  Please let me know if you have any questions or special requests.

Please note:  Individual cuts of meat are still available to purchase.  We have many requests for bulk box purchasing as well as primal cuts and now these options have been added to our product list.

You can sign up through on-line shopping, email your order to or stop at our farm store (open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10-5:30) or visit us at the Denville Farmers Market.