What We Grow

Fresh Brown Eggs

We raise Rhode Island Red Chickens for their tasty brown eggs.  Our chickens roam freely around our farm and get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. The feed is sourced as locally as possible from reputable farmers and does not contain any antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products.  When we are sold out of our own eggs, we buy from local farmers with the same farming practices.

Beef & Pork

We are raising tender, delicious, healthy, all natural beef and pork. Our grass fed meats are leaner. They are lower in calories and fat and higher in vitamins. Our meat is healthier since the animals are not given antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones and raised in a very happy environment.   We take pride in raising and selling healthy and delicious meats and work with other like-minded farmers.  Our freezers are stocked with a variety of different cuts – packaged in one pound packages.  We offer a monthly Meat Share for those who are passionate about their health and enjoy the convenience of farm meats!  

Flower Garden (seasonal)

We grow a variety of cut flowers and offer fresh bouquets in the Summer & Fall.  We are a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.  Our field flowers are pesticide free and we offer $5 bouquets throughout the season.  Every few days trim the bottoms of the stems to extend the freshness of your bouquet.