Why buy our fresh eggs, beef and pork?

Our Farming Practices:

Our farm is not certified organic but we do believe in and practice organic and biodynamic gardening and farming.  We rotate our crops and livestock, recycle the nutrients, maintain our soil and care for the well being of our animals.

To maintain our superior level of wholesomeness at Mini Mac Farm, we raise our animals:

  • without the use of antibiotics
  • without the use of added growth hormones or steroids
  • without pesticides in our fields

We raise Whiteface Hereford cattle because of their gentle personality. They are grass fed and supplemented with our own hay. They enjoy treats of our garden scraps. Only during the cold & snowy winter months they are fed high-quality grains that contain all the essential nutrients to keep them healthy. We rotate our pastures so they are always grazing on fresh grasses.

We raise a variety of different hogs – Duroc, Berks, Yorks. They have access to the outdoors for fresh air and sunshine and are fed dairy, garden scraps, and high-quality grains. Any chicken eggs that are cracked are also fed to the hogs and the shells are composted.

Our free-range chickens are Rhode Island Reds. They spend their days outdoors eating grass, bugs, worms, and garden scraps. We also supplement with high quality grain with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids: contains no antibiotics, no animal proteins or animal fat – just all the essential nutrients.

The brown eggs from our chickens are collected twice a day. The eggs are soaked and cleaned in an egg wash powder to de-stain the shells, approved by the USDA. Each egg is candled to detect blood spots and cracks. Candling is done in a darkened room with the egg held before a light. The light penetrates the egg and makes it possible to observe the inside of the egg. Upon inspection, the eggs are placed point end down in the egg carton and put in the refrigerator.

We are thrilled to be networking with several family farms to expand our product line and provide the highest quality, freshest, all natural meats, game and poultry. These farmers believe in the same sustainable farming practices that we do. We take pride in putting food on your table that is healthy and delicious.

For your safety, all naturally raised meats are processed and packed under the continuous inspection of the USDA in a HACCP certified processing facility. We are also licensed by Washington Township Health Department and have taken the required food safety classes. With nothing artificial, you can rest assured that all meat at Mini Mac Farm are tender, juicy and naturally good for you and your family.

Our animals are “happy”. They are not exposed to the stress of living in a feed-lot. Little shrinkage occurs in the cooked product because the animals have room to roam, building up more muscle. We believe in environmentally friendly agriculture. We treat our animals and the environment with respect.

All the meat products we sell are frozen. They are processed in small quantities (apx. 1 lb packages) and we offer a variety of different cuts.